Terms & Conditions

  • We make pizza, you eat pizza.


  • We will try and get your food to you as quickly as possible, sometimes we get really busy and it takes longer than we quoted. This doesn’t happen often, if it happens to you call the shop and we’ll sort it out. For deliveries, assume anything up to an hour and a half unless you’re calling during peak time.


  • All of our pizzas are hot when they come out of the oven. Be careful, we don’t want anybody getting burnt.


  • If there’s anything you don’t want on your pizza, tell us before we cook it.


  • We don’t do refunds on pizza you’ve eaten.


  • If you’re a coeliac, try the “free from flour“ base, we can’t make any promises but we try our best.


  • If you’re a nut allergy sufferer, don’t eat The Vegesauras, Pesto Pieces, Sicillian Caponata, Peanut Butter brownies or any of our pesto.