Latest information on Coronavirus (Corvid-19)

“Dear Community,

As you know, the local and national situation around COVID-19 has led to many businesses making adjustments to the way they operate so that they can stay afloat whilst being able to help local people.

First and foremost, the health and well-being of our employees, customers and families is our number one priority. The team is keen to keep operating and customers have asked us to keep delivering. To do this we are implementing precautionary measures to mitigate the risks associated with the Coronavirus and are following Government guidelines.

We have closed Toni’s Kitchen as to avoid the close proximity of large groups of people. The fresh pasta operation of the business is now being relocated to our bakery kitchen.

Fat Toni’s Cheltenham is no longer offering customer seating and is operating in a reduced format with prepaid collections dropped into customer cars whilst we compile a team of drivers to switch to deliveries only.

Operational Changes:

Fat Toni’s Stroud is now delivery only.

Service changes:

  • All payments to ideally be card payments as to avoid unnecessary contact.
  • All deliveries to be Contactless deliveries (food delivered to door and driver rings doorbell before heading back to their car)
  • No finishing items on pizzas (basil, parmesan, prosciutto, rocket), only toppings which are baked.
  • Pizzas no longer sliced as to avoid unnecessary contact. Just use a knife and fork or cut with scissors.

There will be a reduction in what we are able to offer in the next few weeks (assuming no forced lockdown) as the supply chain changes but we will make these changes as and when.

We will also be announcing a chilled food service of uncooked pizzas, fresh pasta, lasagne, sauces and homemade bread. More info to follow with products and how to order.

Take care of yourselves,

Fat Toni’s”