Let's talk inches.

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3X the surface area.

Our 20” large and 12” standard base options only differ by 8 inches in diameter… but the large option is actually 3 times the surface area!

That means one large pizza is the same as 3 standard pizzas!

Dietary Requirements?

Vegetarian or Vegan.

We have plenty of options available if you don’t eat meat or dairy – you can also swap any cheese for Vegan cheese or extra veggies!

Gluten Free.

Swap any standard pizza to one of our wheat-free bases (cooked in the same oven as the sourdough pizzas).

Topped 2, 3 or 4 ways...

Can't decide your toppings?

Combine all of your favourites separately on one large pizza!

How healthy is sourdough?

Vitamin & Mineral Rich.

Sourdough is a great source of several minerals such as iron and selenium. Iron is an essential part of red blood cell production and energy metabolism. Selenium helps protect our immune system, cells and tissue. It is also a great source of many B vitamins, which assist in proper nervous system function and help regulate our metabolisms.

Prebiotic & Probiotic-like Benefits.

Prebiotic’s are a type of indigestible fiber that keep your gut healthy by feeding the good bacteria, called probiotics, that live there. The presence of prebiotics in sourdough is thought to make it easier to digest than many other breads and the presence of probiotic cultures have shown to increase vitamin and mineral absorption.

More Readily Available Proteins.

The digestability of a sourdough loaf allows the protein within the flour to be more ready available. The flours used in most sourdough breads are of a high protein extraction rate varying from 10%-16%. Sourdough brakes down this bland protein so it is a lot more digestible. This gives our sourdough the chewy characteristics that people love!